Make a positive impact in your community
by helping to end addiction and bringing families back together through Christ.

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Every dollar you donate and minute you volunteer goes towards helping someone recover from a life controlling addiction and reunite a family torn apart by addiction.

Addiction is a problem in the Midwest…

*Greater Midwest includes IL, IN, KY, MO, WI and IA

3 Overdoses/hr

in the greater Midwest*
from Oct ’20-Oct’21

12.74% Increase

in drug related overdoses from
Oct ’20-Oct’21 in greater Midwest*

See how addiction affects your community.


…and we can’t fight Addiction without you


annual direct standard cost of care per resident.


Of the $25K/student we only ask the student and/or their family to cover a one time $1,200 intake fee


of individuals seeking help are not able to cover their intake fee

Thank you to our amazing sponsors that
help cover our students recovery cost

How to Get Involved

You don’t have to donate money to be a blessing to our ministry. Consider giving the gift of your time.


Use your gifts in a purposeful and impactful way


  • Driving
  • Cooking meals
  • Thrift store stocking or customer interaction
  • Chapel speaker
  • Repairs around our facilities
  • Helping build additions
  • Design work for events

No matter what your gift is there is a way for you to use it to make an impact in our organization.

Spread the Word

We want our message of hope to reach everyone who needs it. You can help us spread the word by inviting us to your event where we will share our stories.


  • Church
  • Dinners
  • Small groups
  • Large groups
  • Company meetings

How We Fight Addiction

Faith-Based Icon - White


We provide an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life controlling behavioral disorders

Life Skills Icon - White


We give our residents real life skills to allow them to become productive members of their community.

Hope Icon - White


Our faith-based program allows residents the opportunity to encounter God as their hope for change.

Transition Program Icon - White


We offer a transitional program to allow residents to successfully integrate back into their communities. This includes but is not limited to scholarships and vocational programs.

Our program leads to a 78% success rate for those who graduate

– Outcome Study Report

What community members are saying about us

  • “I have met and observed the men of Adult & Teen Challenge through touring their facilities, attending multiple fundraisers, and seeing them perform in various church venues. I can endorse the work of Adult & Teen Challenge and believe they will be an asset to any community."
    Jeff GriffinFormer Peoria, IL Chamber of Commerce CEO & President
  • "The Adult & Teen Challenge Program has provided Marshall County an asset like no other in the past.  It has been instrumental in my Office's ability to confront the devastating consequences addictions have on our community.  It brings life back to those who are not "criminals" and returns them to the people they once were, honest hardworking members of our neighborhoods.  Chances that were previously unavailable to the citizens of Marshall County."
    Paul BauerStates Attorney
  • "Adult & Teen Challenge provides employment as well as a fantastic opportunity for their clients to build a new life. Abuse of drugs and alcohol are such an impediment for employment, and we need solutions. Adult & Teen Challenge provides some of those solutions for our community."
    Jeff GriffinFormer Peoria, IL Chamber of Commerce CEO & President
  • "Adult & Teen Challenge is a tremendous asset to our community. Their Christ centered approach to rehabilitating those with drug and alcohol dependencies are critical to the well-being of our communities. I can't speak highly enough about the quality and integrity of this organization."
    Jim ArdisFormer Peoria Mayor