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of graduates are sober
post graduation

– Outcome Study Report


of graduates are employed
full-time post graduation

– Outcome Study Report

Our 12-month men’s and women’s residential program* focuses on character development, building a daily regiment and teaching disciplined living. We provide an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life controlling behavior disorders including but not limited to; drug, alcohol, pornography and gambling. We treat the whole person so they can become a productive member of their community

*All program genders are based on the gender the student was assigned at birth

What to Expect

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24/7 residential program

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Men’s Residential Program*
2400 N. 8th St.
Pekin, IL 61554

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Women’s Residential Program*
19453 Hurricane Lane
Carlinville, IL 62626

*All program genders are based on the gender the student was assigned at birth

Day in the Life

These daily routines help to set up our students for a healthy real world routine

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Work Program

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Faith-Based Curriculum Class

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Group Counseling & Studies

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Post-Graduation Program

We go beyond the program to help our graduates. We help assist them with job placement, transitional housing, full-time housing, continued peer support, extended learning programs and opportunities to volunteer at an Adult and Teen Challenge facility. Our support does not stop after 12 months.

Cost of Program

What our students pay:

$1,500 one-time (non-refundable) intake fee

What we cover:

$56/student/day ($21K/year) for direct cost of care

*scholarships available for those unable to cover intake fee

  • “I have met and observed the men of Adult & Teen Challenge through touring their facilities, attending multiple fundraisers, and seeing them perform in various church venues. I can endorse the work of Adult & Teen Challenge and believe they will be an asset to any community."
    Jeff GriffinFormer Peoria, IL Chamber of Commerce CEO & President
  • "Adult & Teen Challenge provides employment as well as a fantastic opportunity for their clients to build a new life. Abuse of drugs and alcohol are such an impediment for employment, and we need solutions. Adult & Teen Challenge provides some of those solutions for our community."
    Jeff GriffinFormer Peoria, IL Chamber of Commerce CEO & President
  • "The Adult & Teen Challenge Program has provided Marshall County an asset like no other in the past.  It has been instrumental in my Office's ability to confront the devastating consequences addictions have on our community.  It brings life back to those who are not "criminals" and returns them to the people they once were, honest hardworking members of our neighborhoods.  Chances that were previously unavailable to the citizens of Marshall County."
    Paul BauerStates Attorney
  • "Adult & Teen Challenge is a tremendous asset to our community. Their Christ centered approach to rehabilitating those with drug and alcohol dependencies are critical to the well-being of our communities. I can't speak highly enough about the quality and integrity of this organization."
    Jim ArdisFormer Peoria Mayor

How Do I Get Started Towards a Life Free of Addiction?

Step 1

Apply online

Step 2

Our intake coordinator will contact you to discuss intake timeline

Step 3

Arrive at agreed intake day and time

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get started?

    Every man or woman looking for entrance into the Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Midwest program must complete an application. Whether the application is done over the phone, faxed or electronically the application must be completed by the man or woman that is interesting in the program and not a family member, lawyer or loved one. Upon completion of the application the Intake Coordinator will call you back to discuss the details.

  • What’s the intake process like?

    The intake process begins with the application and ends with a scheduled time and day to come into the program with the Intake Coordinator. Once the details of family, legal and medical have been processed then a day and time can be scheduled. On the scheduled day you can expect a little anxiety which is totally normal. The Intake Coordinator will complete all the intake policy and procedure paperwork with the new client and his support team often consisting of loved ones and family. After the intake process is complete the applicant will then become a resident or client of Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Midwest and be expected to abide by such policy and procedure discussed later in this material.

  • How long is the program?

    The Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Midwest program consists of two phases. Both phases are six months long and will be completed at our facility in Pekin, IL for men or our Carlinville, IL location for women.

  • What if I have a complicated legal situation?

    The Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Midwest staff is experienced in dealing with court systems, state’s attorneys, and probation/parole offices across the state of Illinois. We will work within your situation to help you gain access to the type of treatment ATCGM has to offer. Please remember that we will work with you and your legal requirements, but it is still the court or legal department’s authority to allow your participation in the ATCGM Program.

  • What if I have court dates?

    The schedule of the program is very regimented, and we would like you to resolve all your court dates before entering the program. We understand that this may not be possible for everybody.

  • What if I have a complicated medical situation?

    If a client is on a medication that we do not allow here, they will need a physician’s consent to be without the medicine for the duration of the program.

  • What about transportation?

    When you are entering the program, it is your responsibility to find transportation to the facility. We do have the availability to pick you up from the local airport or local bus station. If there are any appointments or court dates while you are in the program, there are two options: You can submit a request for someone from your approved contact list to transport you to and from the appointment or our staff may be able to take you depending on staff availability upon the payment of a mandatory transportation fee.

  • What about my family and loved ones?

    The ATCGM program has a schedule set up so that our residents can interact with their loved ones on a regular basis through mail, phone calls and visits. During the intake process a contact list is made consisting of immediate family and pastors. Girlfriends, boyfriends, ex‐wives, ex‐husbands, or fiancés may have contact through letters only for the first month. Letters can be written to anyone on the approved contact list at any time. After the first 15 days our residents can receive and make phone calls on our schedule phone days. After the first 30 days our residents can receive visits on Saturday between 1pm and 5pm with anyone on the approved contact list.

  • What should I bring with me when I enter the program?

    Please limit the amount of clothing you bring. Bring enough dress clothes (including a black belt and a pair of black dress pants) and work clothes for about eight days and one pair of black dress shoes, gym shoes and shower shoes. Your family will be able to send you care packages if you run out of hygiene so you should at least bring enough for about 4‐6 weeks. The most important things to bring will be a photo ID and your bible. If you do not have a bible the program can provide one for you. You must have a state issued photo ID to enter the Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Midwest program.

  • What should I not bring with me to the program?

    Please do not bring any weapons, outside reading material, jewelry (only a watch and wedding ring are allowed). Also, any clothing that is not representative of the lifestyle we are all trying to achieve will not be allowed (Drug or Alcohol references). You will not be allowed to hold on to your electronic devices or financial devices such as checkbooks, Debit/Credit cards with you while in the program. We can store all of these at our facility if need be.

  • What if I decide to leave before I complete the program?

    In the unfortunate event that a client would terminate his treatment early it is ATCGM policy to bring all clients to the local mission. If an out‐of‐town client decides to terminate his treatment early, he can be brought to the local bus station or airport. ATCGM does not purchase bus or plane tickets for clients that leave treatment before completion. It is not ATCGM policy to release and personal account monies to a student that terminates his treatment early. The balance of a student’s personal account is sent to the address on his application as a money order.